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Question How do I import Microsoft Word styles from one document to another? (Posted by: Anonymous )

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Let's say you have a set of carefully constructed styles in one Microsoft Word document. You wish to use these same styles in a new document. But you open a new document and find that the only styles available are Word's default styles. Do you start all over and reconstruct each and every style? No! This can be painstaking and time-consuming.

Instead, you can import Microsoft Word styles: all styles, or just select styles, from one document into another.

To import Microsoft Word styles:

1. On the menu bar, click 'Tools'. Click 'Templates and Add-Ins'.

2. In the 'Templates and Add-ins' screen, click 'Organizer'.

In the 'Organizer' screen, you see two boxes, side by side:

-The box on the left lists the styles present in your currently open document

-The box on the right lists styles present in your '', which is your default template--the one that is used every time you open a new document

3. Click 'Close File' beneath the box on the right. The list of styles in that box disappear. The box is now blank.

4. Click 'Open File' beneath the box on the right. An 'Open' dialog box appears, with a list of files that are present in your 'Templates' directory.

5. Using the arrow button next to the 'Look in' drop-down box, or the navigational buttons along the left, browse to the directory that contains the document that you want to import Microsoft Word styles from. Select the document, then click 'Open'.

The document is now listed above the right box, and the styles contained within it are listed inside the right box.

6. Select the styles you wish import into your new document:

-To select all styles, click the first style, then scroll to the bottom of the list using the slider bar (using your mouse), then hold down SHIFT on your

keyboard while you click on the last style in the list.

-To select only certain styles, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while you use your mouse to click on certain styles. Make sure you hold down

CTRL for each style selected.

7. After you have selected the styles you wish to import, click 'Copy'. This copies the selected styles from the selected document into the currently open document. If there are any styles that have the same name(s), you will be prompted to overwrite the existing style(s). Click 'Yes to All' to overwrite the styles in your current document with the styles from the selected document. Or click 'No' if you do not wish to overwrite the style in your current document.

8. After the styles have copied into your current document, you will see them listed in the left box. You have completed your style import. Click Close.

To use the new styles, follow your normal procedure of selecting a block of text, and then applying a style to it by using the Formatting bar, or by selecting the style before typing a block of text. If you do not see your Formatting bar, click 'View', then point to 'Toolbars', and put a check mark next to 'Formatting.'

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007 +: click to get to step
: OFFICE Symbol Word Options Add-ins Manage: Templates Go By vax31j on 31-07-12 at 04:01pm
seems not to apply to word
010 By Anonymous on 09-11-12 at 12:13am
OK with Word
010 (access to Organizer is different) By Anonymous on 08-03-13 at 05:18am
In Word
007 - click alt+F8 to quickly get the orgnizer. Thanks! By itz_ffc on 07-05-13 at 05:27am
007 you have to click on top left symbol and choose Word Options to get to Add-ins By Anonymous on 11-05-13 at 10:24am
Very useful advice thanks but it would benefit from updating to Word
010+ Usefully, the Organizer can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar in File Options, making this process very quick when need in the future. By Anonymous on 23-05-13 at 04:08am
This was fantastic. Thank you!! By Anonymous on 03-09-13 at 11:26am
Steps 1 and two were not the same using my windows 7 Microsoft Word. I eventually found the organizer window and then the rest of the steps were clear and accurate. Thanks! By Anonymous on 27-12-13 at 04:46pm
Just to add to what others have stated, not only are steps 1 &
incorrect for Office 7 (you need to use ALT+F8 to get to organizer), but also step 5 is incomplete. When you follow step 5 it is set up only to look for "template" files. you have to hit the drop-down file option box and select all word doc type files in order to find the file you want in the folder. By David on 27-01-14 at 11:36am
Steps 1 and
also wrong for my Version (Word
007).I have no Tools option on the menu bar, but I clicked on Styes-manage styless-import/Export. And then followed the instructions. thanks By Anonymous on 10-03-14 at 07:02am
Very clear instructions for Word
004, Macintosh OS 10.5.8 By Helge on 04-04-14 at 12:56pm
Many thanks! Extremely helpful tutorial! By Anonymous on 25-06-14 at 11:44pm
In Word
010, there’s a Manage Styles button on the bottom of the drop-down “Styles” menu from the “Home(Styles)” Ribbon. That gets you to a box with an “Import/Export” button, which gets you to the Organizer. In Word 10, Alt-F8 goes to the “Macros” menu By Anonymous on 11-08-14 at 07:44pm
Excellent I would add a caveat that if the styles you wish to transfer are already in your 'Default Styles, then you do not need to clear the box. simply omit steps 3, 4 and 5. (EG: You wish to apply default styles that you have already set up in Word, to a document that has come to you from a third party) By Anonymous on 21-11-14 at 03:24pm
Excellent advice but first steps are specific to a certain version of word. Could be improved by indicating what to look for in first steps depending on what version of word you are in. By Anonymous on 23-11-14 at 04:59pm
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